SGN V1 Unbonding Guide

Withdraw Your Stakes From SGN V1

To withdraw your stakes, you need to first unbond your stakes from the delegator. The unbonding confirmation takes no time. Once stakes are unbonded, they can be withdrawn.

Unbond Your Stakes

  1. To unbond your stakes from a validator, go to "Validators", find the address you delegated to and click on it.

2. On the delegator page, click on the top right “Initialize Withdraw” button.

3. On the pop-up, enter the amount you want to withdraw. For v1->v2 migration, make sure you enter the full amount you staked into this delegator. Review the amount and click OK.

Withdraw Your Stakes

  1. Once the transaction is confirmed on MetaMask, go back to the validator page and click the top-right “Confirm Withdraw” button.

Withdraw Your Rewards From SGN V1

Claim Staking Rewards

To claim your staking rewards, go to “Reward”, and click the “Initialize Redeem” button.

Redeem Staking Rewards

  1. After SGN completes collecting signature, click “Redeem Reward”.

2. On the Metamask popup, click on “Confirm”, and your rewards should be sent to your address in a few minutes.

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