Aptos Bridging Guide

In this tutorial, we will guide you through the process of making a cross-chain transfer from BNB Chain or Ethereum to Aptos.
We’ll use the BNB Chain, the BNB token, and the MetaMask and Petra Wallets in this tutorial as an example.

Connect Your Wallet

Before you start transferring assets via cBridge, you will need to connect your wallet.
1. Click "Connect Wallet", and you will be prompted to select a wallet. (cBridge currently supports MetaMask, TokenPocket, Coinbase Wallet, WalletConnect, and Clover on desktop browsers).
2. Select “MetaMask”.
3. Click "Connect your Aptos wallet to receive the funds", and you will be prompted to select a wallet. (cBridge currently supports Petra, Blocto, Martian, BitKeep, and Fewcha for Aptos).
4. Select “Petra” and you will be prompted with a confirmation on Petra. Click “Approve” and your wallet will be connected successfully.
Now you can see your recipient address on Aptos.

Transfer Assets Across Chains

Let’s say, you want to transfer 0.1 BNB from BNB Chain to Aptos. The steps are made simple in cBridge:
1. Select "BNB Chain" in the dropbox next to "From" and "Aptos" in the dropbox next to "To".
2. You will be prompted to switch your wallet to BNB Chain if it's not already connected. Enter the amount you want to send under "Send". You should see the estimated amount you will receive under "Receive (estimated)".
Note that there will be a difference between the amount you send and the amount you receive, which is determined by the Bridge Rate and fees. For the exact definition of each item in the transaction, check the tooltips next to each of the terms.
3. Review your transfer details and click "Transfer". You will receive a popup to confirm the transfer.
4. Note that you will also receive 0.15 APTOS to pay the gas fee on Aptos. Click "Confirm Transfer" and you will be prompted with a confirmation on MetaMask.
5. Click "Confirm", and your transaction will be submitted. Please wait a few minutes.
6. The page will show you the real-time progress of the transaction.
7. When block confirmations and SGN confirmations are all completed, you will receive a popup. Click “Claim BNB” and you will be prompted to confirm on Petra.
8. Click “Approve” and you will receive a transfer done popup.
Note that If you transfer USDC to Aptos for the first time, you will be prompted to “Register USDC in your Aptos wallet” first.
Then click “Approve” on Petra.
Then click “Approve USDC”, and you will be prompted to confirm on Metamask.
Click “Confirm” and you can continue transferring your assets as the steps mentioned above.
9. Click “Petra” at the extension in the top right corner of the browser, you can see all the assets in your wallet, including APT and other assets.
10. You can also click “Recent Transactions” to view your transaction history and details.
Congratulations on completing a successful BNB transfer from BNB Chain to Aptos on cBridge!