To mint pegged token for user on pegged chain, FE(front-end) needs to do the following things:

  1. Get basic pegged configs through cBridge gateway. The same api as general token transfer

  2. After collecting all needed information, always get updated estimation for the mint. The same estimation api as general token transfer

  3. Check user's on-chain token allowance for cBridge contract. If the allowance is not enough for mint, trigger the corresponding on-chain approve flow

  4. Submit on-chain deposit/mint request to cBridge OriginalTokenVault contract on source chain

  5. Get transfer status repeatedly to check whether the mint is complete.

Mint/Burn flow are quite similar to pool-based token transfer flow. However, it is simpler because there is no slippage-related transfer failure scenario. If user's original token could be moved into OriginalTokenVault, peggedTokenBridge will mint and send corresponding pegged tokens to user's wallet address on pegged chain.

If vault_version given by pegged_pair_config is 2, please use OriginalTokenVaultV2. Otherwise, use OriginalTokenVault

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