Custom Transfer URL Schemes

Custom transfer url schemes are useful for predefined token transfer from specific chain to another. Here is a simple flow to build a custom cBridge transfer url

Scheme example

To build a custom transfer url scheme, you only need to provide 3 values: sourceChainId, destinationChainId and tokenSymbol. The format of the url is For example, if you want users to transfer xToken from Ethereum Mainnet to Arbitrum, you can use this link: After user clicks the link, cBridge website will provide a well-defined UI for the user.



e.g 1 as Ethereum Mainnet


e.g 42161 as Arbitrum


e.g XTK as xToken

Find Correct Chain Id and Token Symbol

You can use chainlist to find correct chain id and use cBridge website to find correct token symbol. We are eager to help if you find any difficulty creating custom url

Non-EVM chain case

Since cBridge supports bridge between EVM chain and Non-EVM chain, such as Ethereum Mainnet and Flow Mainnet, our SGN reserves numbers for Non-EVM chains. Here is a sample link for Ethereum and Flow,

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