Mint Refund

Once the user's previous transfer status is TRANSFER_TO_BE_REFUNDED, FE(front-end) needs to handle as follows to bring back user's assets to his/her wallet:
  1. 2.
    Submit on-chain withdraw request to cBridge OriginalTokenVault contract with information provided by cBridge gateway in getTransferStatus response
  2. 3.
    Get transfer status repeatedly to check whether the transfer refund is complete.
Because of no slippage constraints, the possibility of deposit/mint flow failure is pretty low. Once mint flow failed with source chain deposit transaction, you will need to withdraw user's assets. The whole refund flow is the same as pool-based trasnfer flow. However, you should communicate with OriginalTokenVault contract for this refund
You should submit transaction to OriginalTokenVaultV2 if you interact with OriginalTokenVaultV2 for the previous transfer
Last modified 3mo ago