Contract: Burn Canonical Token Transfer Refund

Get refund transaction info from cBridge gateway and submit the transaction on-chain. Then cBridge PeggedTokenBridge contract will mint corresponding assets to user's address on source chain


Here is the abi for PeggedTokenBridge:, sigs, signers, powers)

Request Parameters

All information is given by cBridge gateway in getTransferStatus response

Notice: Since the types of parameters are different between getTransferStatus response and withdraw request, please convert them accordingly. See details in the below code sample

import { base64, getAddress, hexlify } from "ethers/lib/utils";

const wdmsg = base64.decode(wd_onchain);

const signers = => {
    const decodeSigners = base64.decode(item);
    const hexlifyObj = hexlify(decodeSigners);
    return getAddress(hexlifyObj);

const sigs = => {
    return base64.decode(item);

const powers = => {
    return base64.decode(item);


Since this function is an on-chain transaction, the response is the corresponding transaction response.

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