Fee Rebate
Start time: 2021-12-23 2am UTC
End time: 2022-01-14 2am UTC
cBridge users will receive rebates for the fees (including both the base fees and the bridge/liquidity fees) while making cross-chain transfers during the event period. The fee rebates are distributed in CELR tokens and can be claimed on Binance Smart Chain after the event ends.
There is a maximum of 5,000,000 CELR that is able to be rewarded through this rebate event. If we reach this 5,000,000 CELR number before the above-mentioned β€œEnd time”, the event will end early.
The proportion of the fee that is rebated will depend on the user’s total cross-chain transfer volume during the event period. (Up to the Max Rebate Amount Per User)
Note: Only cross-chain transfers that are completed during the event period will receive a fee rebate and be accounted for the category promotion. Note that the following operations in cBridge will NOT be accounted for the fee rebate:
  • Transfers that do not show the β€œCompleted” status
  • Transfers made before the event starts or after the event ends
  • LP operations such as adding liquidity, removing liquidity, or aggregating & removing liquidity
The user’s transfer volume (in USD) and the rebated amount (in CELR) will be determined using the token prices at the time of the completed transfer. You can track your reward on the β€œReward” tab of cbridge.celer.network.
Note: The fee rebate rewards should be claimed within 30 days after the event ends otherwise the rewards will be forfeited.
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